1 Jan 2014 

I guess part of life is to move on and enjoy each and every year. It’s always crazy to look back to think of what the hell you were doing exactly a year ago, when you feel like it was practically yesterday.. Sometimes things don’t certainly go your way for a year but you will always bounce back. Negativity can be deadly but positivity IS the cure; people just don’t realize it. Yeah, it’s hard but if it was easy it wouldn’t be just right. So do it right and continue on to make your life worth it. 

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When I’m on my period


oh my god dude girls are fucked up


This is actually hilarious.

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Our bodies are so complex and vast and beautiful, that it’s a true crime not to love them. That doesn’t mean we can’t improve upon them in whatever way we see fit, it just means we need to take the time to appreciate them once in a while— perceived flaws and all. I mean, at the end of the day, even if we truly hate the way we look, how can we not be amazed by the fact that our bodies are home to our minds and hearts? Every thought, every movement, every breath? I mean, it’s incredible. thatnewromantic (via joichang)

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if you wanna be friends with me all you gotta do is act like you’re already friends with me

call me by my name

send me porn

type like you’re having a mental breakdown

that’s it

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